Do you know Marcel Barbeau, the unpredictable of the Automatist Group, this innovator, passionate about movement and who was himself always in motion?

After more than 70 years of intense creation, he passed away a with brush in his hand. On this website you will learn how in 1946, he explored the all-over space and gestural painting before Pollock.

You will also find out how, echoing the “Chant des adolescents” of Stockhausen, Barbeau has translated the movement in drawing, then in painting and in optical virtual images.

You will discover a great sculptor who, in the mid-forties, has produced sculptures without any figurative reference in which he introduced space issues and choreographic movement, characteristics of all his sculptural work.

It reveals the transdisciplinarity of it visual work that is always in communication with other artistic disciplines.

All this and many other things. Awaiting for the upcoming retrospective exhibition on which in preparation at Musée national des beaux-art du Québec, we invite you to learn more about this great artist, not only through his work and his public life, but also in his private life.

Welcome to the world of Marcel Barbeau on the web path of Liberty!

Recent News...

Lecture by Ninon Gauthier at the Raymond-Lasnier Exhibition Center

Lecture by Ninon Gauthier at the Raymond-Lasnier Exhibition Center

On Sunday, February 18th, attend the conference of Ninon Gauthier free of charge as part of the “Marcel Barbeau” exhibition. Vibrato “at the Raymond-Lasnier Exhibition Center. LECTURE BY NINON GAUTHIER,  ART CRITIC AND ART HISTORIAN SUNDAY February 18 2018 14 h FREE, mandatory reservation (limited placess) : 819 372-4611 ou au At the Louis-Philippe-Poisson room of the… Read more…

Capsule de La Fabrique culturelle sur l’expo Vibrato

Capsule de La Fabrique culturelle sur l’expo Vibrato

      On February 6, La Fabrique culturelle published a video about the exhibition Vibrato. Created in 2016 by Musée d’art Joliette and presented at the Raymond-Lasnier Exhibition Center in Trois-Rivières, Vibrato invites you to discover the optical and pre-optic period of Marcel Barbeau’s work. Do not miss this exhibition presented until March 25th.… Read more…

The Barbeau retrospective will be presented at MNBAQ in 2018

The Barbeau retrospective will be presented at MNBAQ in 2018

    11 OCTOBRE 2018 AU 6 JANVIER 2019 MNBAQ – PAVILLON PIERRE LASSONDE Figure notoire de l’art contemporain canadien, Marcel Barbeau a produit un impressionnant corpus de plus de 4000 œuvres qui s’échelonne sur sept décennies. Traversant plusieurs périodes significatives de l’histoire de l’art récent, sa production en offre un condensé aussi singulier qu’éclairant.… Read more…

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